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It’s Time to Stop Infuse

It is, the most effective thing I've ever done in ministry.  It was the first Kidmin coaching program available for Children's leaders. Over the past 10 years it's helped over 400 leaders think differently about their ministries and themselves as leaders, fathers, mothers, husbands...
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Do you know about KidminCoach.com?

A wonderful ministry friend Mac Gober told me years ago that “Everybody needs a home!” KidminCoach.com is just that… it’s a home for me to pour into others and it’s a place for those that I coach to learn, grow and give. It’s a home...
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10 Things I Wish Old Jim Could Teach Young Jim

A wise old man once told me, “Experience is the best teacher, but it doesn’t have to be your   experiences that you learn from.” Every person I know who is successful has learned from a lifetime of mistakes—theirs as well as the mistakes...
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Family Ministry Starts At Home

I love working with kids and families of all the things I could have spent my life doing this is truly an honor. But even greater than this has been the wonderful privilege of being Julie’s husband, Yancy & Whitney’s Dad, and Sparrow Rocket’s...
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The Orange Tour Is Coming Fall 2016

Will what happens in your church THIS SUNDAY matter in someone’s life ON MONDAY?

At Orange Tour you’ll discover how to:

  • Design a strategic experience each Sunday.
  • Reach families who don’t show up this Sunday.
  • Craft a message that lasts far beyond Sunday.
  • Help small group leaders stay connected to kids after...
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theClub Has Changed With The Times

In 1995 I started a podcast before podcasts were cool.  I had been a member of John Maxwell's Maximum Impact Club for a few years when I started realizing most people in Children's Ministry didn't know much about leadership. It was not mentioned at...

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My New Book!

I am so excited to announce that I have a brand new book that will begin shipping, October 1st, 2015 entitled TWEETABLE LEADERSHIP. I'll be honest with you this is the book I wish I could have released first. It's jamed packed with over...

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3 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started

I had no ideal in 1977 when I said yes to my Pastor to covering Children’s Church for a Sunday that 38 years later I’d be writing this blog post. I also had no idea what God had in store for me. I’m thankful...

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It’s Just A Phase

Orange Conference 2015 officialy kicked off tonight but for me it really started a few months ago. It started when I received my assignments to teach. This year I have the priviledge of teaching 3 breakouts and doing a live stream interview. I started...

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KidminCoach Is Online!

A wonderful ministry friend Mac Gober told me years ago that “Everybody needs a home!”

KidminCoach is just that… it’s a home for me and it’s a place for those that I coach to learn, grow and give. It’s a home for theClub leadership resource...

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I didn’t see this one coming

When I started in Ministry back in 1975 I really never thought much about the future. I was young and thought I would always be young. I ministered in the now and really until a few years later did I really start see the...

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History Lesson

The other day I was sent a link to The History of Children's Ministry by my friend Dr. Rick Chromey. Rick listed this as a brief history of U.S. children's ministry, since the 1800s. Includes references to Sunday School, VBS, International Network of Children's Ministry, Children's...

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The Yeard

I love doing things I've never done before. You've heard me say this for years... "Same actions bring same results!" I have pretty much had facial hair for most of my life I gre my first full beard in 1975 for America's bi-centenial in...

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