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The Eric Trap


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The Eric Trap is a leadership fabel that reveals the 5 things every leader in ministry has to get right. Whether you are full time, part-time or a volunteer this practical book written by several highly respected leaders who have made it a habit to practice these 5 important principles will inspire you to a new level in your own life and ministry. This book is not just for those who work with children. It’s a leadership book. Here’s what Pastor Carey Nieuwhof of Connexus Community Church has to say about The Eric Trap”

“Every leader in your organization (staff or volunteer) who has even a remote desire to control things can benefit from The Eric Trap – please don’t limit this book’s audience to people who serve in children’s ministry. This book provides us with a dead accurate description of the dynamics of ministry, coupled with practical, insightful principles that can guide any leader out of the leadership traps we place ourselves in. Jim, Sam, Kenny and their team write with clarity, power and insight that make this book hard to put down. I think this book is great. The topics talked about here are not just Kidmin issues, but also Student ministry issues and even Senior Pastor issues. (it’s why most churches don’t grow past 100 people). This is a leadership book! Well done!”

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