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Beat The Clock- Successful Strategies for Time Management


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Ever prayed for more than 24 hours in a day? Were you not born organized? (None of us were.) Do you find yourself needing to get more done than you are presently getting done? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then this practical book is for you. For years organization expert Jim Wideman has been teaching successful strategies for effective time management in conferences and seminars the one question he has been asked after each event is do you have this information in a book. Until now the answer was no, now no matter if you work in the ministry, in the business world or you manage a busy family this book will help you. In Beat The Clock, you’ll learn proven and tested tips to get more done in the 24 hours God has given to you.

You’ll learn

•the difference between a time manager and a calendar keeper

•you’ll learn tools for organization

•Jim’s 4 steps in easy time management

•You’ll learn the importance of scheduling by priorities

•You see samples of how to spend your time wisely

*The importance of personal evaluation and much, much, more!

Beat The Clock-will help you get control of your business, ministry and family schedules and help you have time for what you need to have time for and help you walk in proper balance.

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