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theClub Has Changed With The Times

theClub Has Changed With The Times

In 1995 I started a podcast before podcasts were cool.  I had been a member of John Maxwell’s Maximum Impact Club for a few years when I started realizing most people in Children’s Ministry didn’t know much about leadership. It was not mentioned at conferences, just puppets, magic, juggling, clowning and how to make ballon animals. I realized that there was just one group of kids that we had to work with and three groups of adults. How I work with all four groups determined my success not just how I worked with kids. What three groups of adults are you talking about? Glad you asked, 1. Parents, 2.Workers, 3. The level of leadership above you.  So I created a monthly audio leadership resource for Children’s Pastors by a Children’s Pastor. I called it “The Children’s Minister’s Leadership Club.” I started on cassettes, then moved to CD and then moved to digital downloads. Somewhere along the journey I hanged the name to theClub. In 2005 I started giving it away free to Leaders under 30. In the last 21 years I’ve seen thousands of kidmin, stumin, nextgen and even senior pastors be a part of theClub. About a year and a half ago I changed the format to include leaders I’ve been coaching through Infuse to give back. A few months ago I asked some of my infusers if it was time to move to a podcast. So with their help it’s here “theClub Leadership Podcast with Jim Wideman” is officially on iTunes.

Please subscribe to it hand help me share about it to you local networks as well as your social networks. You can enhance your listening by joining “theClub group” on kidmincoach.com for more discussions with Jim on past and present episodes and other current ministry topics. Use the coupon code:GET10 to save 10% on the one time membership to this online leadership community.




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