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Learning From Our Mistakes

Learning From Our Mistakes

In my book Tweetable Leadership one of my favorite tweets is” Experience is the best teacher but it’s doesn’t have to be your experiences that you learn from.” This is true but so is this one…”Don’t make the same mistake twice, there are enough different ones you can make each time.”  I don’t why I learn from others more than I learn from my own mistakes. One of the mistakes I seem to make over and over is I push myself too much. I go until I can’t go anymore then I rest and work on boosting my adrenals then I get back after it. Not only has this become my routine but I’ve passed this on to my children and tons of x-employees. I was suppose to be in Atlanta today for meetings but I believe the Lord moved my meeting to the next week so I could work on me and learn from my own mistakes and work on me. So what did yo do Jim? I’m glad you asked.

1. I got on my calendar and booked a massage every few weeks for the rest of the year to work on my health.

2. I got on my calendar and watched how many nights I had in a row and scheduled myself some down time.

3. I also went ahead and scheduled all my vacation for the rest of the year.

So what mistakes are you making on a regular basis when you need different action for yourself, your family, and your ministry?

Post them here under comments.

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