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August 20 is another one of my favorite days

August 20 is another one of my favorite days

Four years, one month and four days after Yancy was born, God blessed us with another wonderful gift from Him… another beautiful baby girl. On August 20, 1984 I heard the same three words from a different doctor that I heard from the last doctor…”It’s a girl” We named her Whitney Michelle. The minute I laid my eyes on her I knew she was special and that God had big plans for this little girl. From the second Whitney came into this world everything was different than how her sister’s birth had been. It was so much more laid back, just like her. ¬†Whitney was such a good baby, Yancy didn’t sleep much, Whitney did. It was amazing how two kids who had the same parents could be so different. Yancy was always a daddy’s girl, Whitney was a mommy’s girl. But somewhere that shifted and she and I became two peas in a pod. It’s been wonderful to watch her grow up. She went from being a tender hearted child to a tender hearted teen. Whitney has always been a giver. She loves her friends and knows how to be a good friend. She is one of the the sweetest and most caring individuals I’ve ever known. I’ve called her my bright spot because of her ability to bring happiness and sunshine to me and our family. As an adult I’ve seen her become a hard worker and a great manager and leader. Whatever Whitney does she does with all of her heart and she truly cares about the outcome. She’s a difference maker and a world changer. So today our family gets to celebrate this wonderful gift for the 31st time. Happy Birthday Woo! Thanks for being the best daughter, sister, aunt & friend this family could have. We’re also excited for this next chapter in your career as you launch your own business. (Be sure and checkout www.wmakeup.com) We’re so proud of you and the blessing you are to this family and also God’s kingdom.¬†

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