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theClub Leadership Podcast with Jim Wideman


Nearly 25 years ago Jim saw a need to teach Children’s and Youth Ministry folks about leadership.

What started on to cassette, then years later went to CD’s and more recently when to MP3’s and digital downloads is now a podcast…

“The Club” is a monthly audio leadership podcast, designed especially for NextGen & Children’s Ministers as well as, any leader who wants to take advantage of Jim’s experience and success for more than 40 years of excellence in ministry without taking 40 years to learn it.

 Jim has been a proven leader and ministry pioneer spanning five decades. TheClub has been around since 1992 (It was the original children’s ministry podcast) thousands of ministry leaders have taken advantage of challenging themselves to the bigger thinking and vision that “theCLUB” has provided each month for almost 25 years. In late 2015 theClub experienced a re-birth. On each episode Jim is joined by other leaders just like you to share practical leadership advise and wisdom they have learned along their journey. You will learn organization, administration and leadership skills from folks who have been there and done it!

You can enhance your listening by joining “theCLUB Group” on kidmincoach.com for more discussions with Jim and his guests about each episode and other current ministry topics KidminCoach gives you direct access to Jim. Get 10% off the one time membership fee to join www.kidmincoach.com  using the coupon code: GET10. 




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