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The Evaluation Tool Box

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Every person in leadership says they want to grow.

They want to grow personally as a leader. They also want their ministry to grow both spiritually and numerically. Why do some seem to grow easier than others? It’s simple. Those who grow have learned the value of evaluation. In this resource, children’s ministry expert and leadership coach, Jim Wideman gives you the tools he uses to evaluate ministries when he is hired to consult.


Children’s Ministry Evaluation Quiz

136 questions that will help you identify what you need to do to grow and improve your nursery, preschool, elementary, overall management and administration

Jim’s thoughts on evaluation

What you should evaluate regularly to grow

Audio teaching

An Exercise In Evaluation

Evaluation survey

For your staff and team

Weekly report form

How to stay in the know so you can continue to grow

All data files are provided in both Word documents and PDF format


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