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Little Praise Party-Happy Day Everyday – DVD Church/Performance Edition


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DVD Church/Performance Edition (includes all soundtracks and mpeg type files)

Yancy and friends have created a new collection of songs that are sure to warm the hearts of preschool kids and their parents too. You’ll find lots of singalong fun including songs to celebrate some of the most special days of the year including Valentine’s, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Birthdays.
The DVD includes animated music videos that are sure to capture the imagination of your preschool children. Perfect for home, church or the car for singalong and worship fun. BONUS: Church/Performance DVD includes soundtracks and mpeg files for you to import into your presentation software. DVD includes 11 songs: Shout!, Go!, Love One Another, Hosanna Rock, One, Two, Three, Happy Birthday To You, Bye, Bye, Bye, I Like To, Don’t Be A Turkey, It’s Christmastime, Love One Another (Lullaby Mix)

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