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The Path Elements Values Matrix

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The Path Elements Values Matrix is a 16-question assessment that you can complete in less than 15 minutes online. It is so intuitively simple and memorable that you will keep using what you learn with family, friends, and colleagues.  Strengthening relationships while increasing results improves the happiness factor for everyone focused on the same goal.

Once you complete the online assessment, you will immediately be able to print a report that is tailored to you. You will first see the Quickview Report. For a copy of the Full View send an email to admin@pathelements.com and your final report will be emailed to you.

Path Elements is also great for businesses as a whole. Leveraging the natural elements of Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind make it simple to enhance productivity by shifting the communications culture or your organization. Path Elements brings clarity to individuals and teams.

2 Quick Steps:
1. Add the item to your shopping cart and complete the purchase.
2. Spell the first and last name of the person completing the assessment on your checkout form.  Provide an email to receive the path elements registration link.

It’s simple. It’s intuitive. It’s life changing. It’s Path Elements.


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