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In early 2007 I got new marching orders for my life. The Lord gave me a fresh desire to take what I’ve learned about children’s ministry and leadership and pass it on to the next generation of leaders. I began to look for ways to do this in addition to my monthly audio leadership resource “the Club.” I added blogs, began to host forums and discussion groups online and began to write for several ministry publications; yet I knew there was still something missing. It seemed like the more I did to mentor others the more people wanted me to come up with a way to personally coach and mentor them. For years I’ve been looking for a way to offer a mentoring service that’s intensive yet affordable for any size church.  I have come up with a program to accomplish what I’ve wanted to accomplish for the cost of a four-day conference.

I am pleased to announce my coaching/ mentoring experience I named Infuse. Mr. Webster defines infuse as: to instill a quality or skill in someone or something; to soak or pour into. This is what infuse has been about from day one, a way to pour into others what it’s taken me years to learn so they can be better leaders and accomplish more in less time. Infuse is limited to 30 selected candidates. I’m excited at this place in my life and ministry to be able to make this service available. Look over all the information and ask the Lord if infuse is right for you. I’d love for you to prayerfully consider this investment in yourself, in your dreams and in your ministry, I want to help you become the leader you want to be and pour into you the qualities and skills to make your dreams reality. I believe this is my chance to take what the years have given me so I can pass it on to the next generation. Take a moment to review the information about this unique opportunity. Everyone does better with a coach. So far I have successfully coached 18 groups with over at 300 leaders going through the infuse program. The results have been greater than I could have ever imagined but more importantlly lifelong friendships and divine connections have been forged. (Also 3 KIDMIN books and counting)

I’m looking forward to being your KIDMIN coach!

Bro. Jim
Jim Wideman, President
Jim Wideman Ministries, Inc.

What’s infuse?
Infuse is a 6 month mentoring experiences available up to 25-30 selected children’s pastors and leaders. (Next available session begins March 2017) Infuse is open to any leader with a desire to learn and a willingness to commit themselves to whatever it takes to go to your desired level. Candidates are chosen from the application process regardless of the size of your present church, your age or your experience level.
Infuse is more than a program or curriculum. It’s a 6-month mentoring experience with Jim that includes the following:

1. Personality testing and comparisons for you, your spouse and your pastor or supervisor. Once we start you will be sent a link for you, your spouse and your supervisor to take the Path Element Profile (PEP®) personality assessment by Laurie Beth Jones. Jim will go over the results and comparisons to help you excel in your relationships. This will also help Jim understand your giftings and your uniqueness so he can more effectively coach you during your time in Infuse. (This alone is a $350 value)

2. Powerful interactive conference calls. On months there’s not a retreat Jim hosts a video conference call with the members of Infuse. This is a special time where you can hear and receive from Jim’s heart and experience. Because these calls are interactive you’ll be able to ask questions and learn from Jim and the other members of infuse. From time to time Jim will ask some of his children’s ministry friends to join these calls and you’ll be able to learn from other trusted children’s ministry experts and veterans who serve as coaches.

3. (2) “Intense” get-a-way retreats at Jim’s house in Murfreesboro, (Nashville) Tennessee. During your session you’ll be invited to Jim’s home for two sessions, each includes two very full days of intentional mentoring and coaching with Jim and the other leaders and coaches chosen to take part in Infuse. To get the dates checkout my schedule.

4. Unlimited mentoring by Jim and access via his personal infuse group on Jim’s Kidmin Leadership Community www.kidmincoach.com. Each member of infuse will have access to a special online forum and discussions where they can ask questions about children’s ministry and leadership directly to Jim and the other coaches throughout the session. This is like having your own personal team of children’s ministry veterans on your team. You’ll also be able to post questions and your assignments right on the page. Even after infuse is over you’ll be able to stay connected for life on a special Alumni group.  (All of the coaches work in a local church and have successfully completed a minimum of two years of coaching with Jim.)

5. Small group one-on-one support and encouragement. Each person taking part in infuse will be teamed with several other children’s pastors assigned by Jim for the sake of developing a close “friend and care group.” These groups are for the purpose of accountability, prayer support and creating ongoing “iron sharpening iron” relationships and growth.

6. Extra time with Jim at ministry events. As an Infuser you’ll be able to meet up with Jim at any seminar or event where Jim is speaking. You’ll also be able to share a meal with him for the purpose of mentoring and personal coaching. (Registration is your responcibility but Jim will make time to spend with you at the event.) Check Jim’s schedule page for a list of events

7. An optional additional session(s) entitled Infuse+ will be made available at the end of your current session for those who want to continue. Jim has seen firsthand that the benefits of this type of experience are so dynamic that many of the members of Infuse have not wanted to stop having this type of Elijah-Elisha resource at their disposal. Infuse+ is an additional six-month experience to help you have more coaching from Jim and the team.

How much will this cost me?
For about the price of a four-day conference you can have a unique mentoring and coaching experience. The entire Infuse membership is $1500 but it is not all due at one time. Upon acceptance into the program a non-refundable deposit of $300 is due to hold your spot. Then on the 1st day of the month for each month of the Infuse program $200 is due until the remaining balance  is paid in full.
You can pay the entire amount at one time before infuse starts if you like and receive a $200 discount. Each Infuse member will be responsible for their own travel expenses to and from the retreats as well as lodging and meals. We’ll recommend several near by hotels and will also be glad to help accommodate those who desire to save money by sharing a room.

What’s next?
Complete an application. These spots will fill up fast. The quicker you apply the quicker you can be accepted. There is no application fee but once you are accepted your $300 non-refundable deposit is due to hold your space. *Infuse has been filling up by the time the last sessions end. There will be 1 regular infuse session in 2017, Infuse 12 will begin March 1 and go through August 30. Now is the time to apply, if you wait you’ll be disapointed. The official deadline is December 31, 2016.

Still have questions?
Email us at bj@kidmincoach.me. Jim wants to help instill in you the qualities and skills you need to see your dreams fulfilled.

“Infuse has been such an encouragement to me. It’s great to be able to hear from Jim and others in the group on a weekly basis. It helps me remember that I am not alone in this and that others have gone or are going through the same things as me. I am learning how to know myself better so I can lead better, learning how to better manage my time and how to prioritize and then stick to those priorities.
Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to be poured into by experienced leaders from across the country!
“Thanks again for giving us this great opportunity! I am learning a ton!”

“The first three months of the infuse experience have been more valuable and had a greater direct impact on my ministry than all of the conferences I have previously attended combined. Bro. Jim offers Godly and experienced wisdom and also challenges you to take your ministry to the next level. Any children’s minister who is interested in growing in leadership, organization, and other vital areas of ministry should seek to participate in this experience.”

“Infuse has helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses as a leader, as well as identify the growth areas of my ministry. Jim has a wealth of practical knowledge, which he brings to the table to inspire and instill godly insight and character in each of us by thought provoking assignments and activities. He is very down to earth and approachable in his style. He is not the type of mentor who will simply lecture and tell you what to do, but is a master at allowing a “question” to be the springboard for self-exploration, examination and finally discovery. If you want to raise your level of leadership as a Children’s Pastor, Director or Minister, this is will be the best investment you’ll ever make!”

“Infuse mentorship came at a time when I was really struggling with whether or not I was to remain in the ministry. I was feeling inadequate to move with my church to the next level, but I didn’t know where to turn. In fact, the year before I had asked a trusted leader of a larger children’s ministry for his suggestion on what I could do to “grow with my church” and he had suggested joining The Club. 
That was a great step in the right direction, but Infuse has been so much more! The accountability of the group and the “assignments” have helped tremendously because I needed the extra push to actually follow through on getting the reading, etc., done! Not only have I grown because of Bro. Jim’s input, but because of the comments and ideas I’ve had from other group members. I’m so excited about our first actual gathering in January, where I’ll be able to interact in person with the other Infuse members and “sit at the feet” of our gracious and “fearless leader!”

“ Infuse has been the missing link in taking our churches children’s ministry to the next level.
The first few months have really helped me prioritize my life and the ministry, I can’t wait for what happens next
Infuse is the future of training up Children’s leaders. It is much more effective than a conference because you are able to take things in slowly and work through them with a mentor over time. It’s not compacted into a 1hr message that you need to unpack and interpret.”

“I applied to Infuse hoping to network with other children’s ministers, brainstorm and come up with some great ideas to bring back to my church. I’m sure a part of me hoped it would help me to be the next Jim Wideman, Sue Miller, Reggie Joiner, Craig Jutila, etc. What is happening is so different. I am being challenged to see myself as the leader that I am, how I need to improve in many areas and how to build off of my strengths. What has been most surprising is that this group of strangers is becoming the group that prays me through difficult circumstances that only other ministry leaders understand, they will be friends that celebrate the joys of life, as well and they are challenging me to work harder, do better and become the leader that the Lord has called me to be. 
To be part of Infuse you have to be willing to move to the next level. It may not be easy and it will not be whatever you expect it to be, but it will stretch you and push you to become a better leader. I feel like I am just barely into what God has in store for me through this whole process, but I know that I have already been blessed to have a mentor like Jim Wideman who cares about my situation and other leaders who want me to succeed as much as they desire to succeed themselves.”

“Infuse has been a lifeline of inspiration, wisdom, and support. The insight I have gained from colleagues in children’s ministry is invaluable, and Brother Jim’s heart for leading leaders is a gift!”

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