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It’s Time to Stop Infuse

It is, the most effective thing I've ever done in ministry.  It was the first Kidmin coaching program available for Children's leaders. Over the past 10 years it's helped over 400 leaders think differently about their ministries and themselves as leaders, fathers, mothers, husbands...
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Do you know about KidminCoach.com?

A wonderful ministry friend Mac Gober told me years ago that “Everybody needs a home!” KidminCoach.com is just that… it’s a home for me to pour into others and it’s a place for those that I coach to learn, grow and give. It’s a home...
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theClub Has Changed With The Times

In 1995 I started a podcast before podcasts were cool.  I had been a member of John Maxwell's Maximum Impact Club for a few years when I started realizing most people in Children's Ministry didn't know much about leadership. It was not mentioned at...

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My New Book!

I am so excited to announce that I have a brand new book that will begin shipping, October 1st, 2015 entitled TWEETABLE LEADERSHIP. I'll be honest with you this is the book I wish I could have released first. It's jamed packed with over...

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KidminCoach Is Online!

A wonderful ministry friend Mac Gober told me years ago that “Everybody needs a home!”

KidminCoach is just that… it’s a home for me and it’s a place for those that I coach to learn, grow and give. It’s a home for theClub leadership resource...

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November Thoughts

You just can’t turn the page on the calendar from October to November without getting in touch with all the many reasons I have to be thankful! I told boys and girls this my whole life if you can be...

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What do you want your legacy to be?

legacy |ˈlegəsē|noun (pl. legacies) a thing handed down by a predecessor: 

It's amazing how your priorities change as you get older. I am so honored that Jesus called me to be in the ministry and to serve 6 great pastors and congregations over the last 38 years and...

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Say Yes to Personalize Training

This past weekend I had the priviledge to begin some personalized training with a church that I have been going to help and speak at for 24 years. I have always loved going to this church over the years. The pastors have a real...

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Say YES To Training

I have never been one for putting all my eggs in one basket.  I believe in conferences!  I don't know where I would be as a leader without the impact of conferences in my life and ministry. This past year most of my #kidmin...

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Infuse is not for everyone…

Infuse is not for everyone, that's why there are so many choices when it comes to Children's Ministry Training. But if you're looking for something different, something with a proven track record, then infuse may be for you like it was for...

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Infuse enpowers leaders to learn and grow

Here's three more quotes about infuse that will show you the bottom line... infuse works!

"I was about to quit.  I had grown frustrated, almost angry, and had lost sight of the big picture. We have all had or will have...

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Thus sayeth the Lord, always works!

Several years ago the good people at Ford Motor Company launched an advertising slogan that was quite catchy,  (the fact that I still remember it proves my point) it was simple, and it was true. The slogan was genius "Ford has a better idea!"...

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It’s time for another infuse retreat

This week marks the twenty-first infuse retreat I've hosted here at my home in Murfreesboro.  One of the big questions the kidmin universerse is always asking me and others who have been through the process is "What makes infuse different from all the other...

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