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Thus sayeth the Lord, always works!

Several years ago the good people at Ford Motor Company launched an advertising slogan that was quite catchy,  (the fact that I still remember it proves my point) it was simple, and it was true. The slogan was genius "Ford has a better idea!"...

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It’s time for another infuse retreat

This week marks the twenty-first infuse retreat I've hosted here at my home in Murfreesboro.  One of the big questions the kidmin universerse is always asking me and others who have been through the process is "What makes infuse different from all the other...

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I hope I get to see you at #OC14

I can't believe that in just a few short days I'll be heading over to join all my #Orangethinking friends as well as bringing my Northstar Church Staff to the Orange Conference. This year I have more #Infusers past and present than any other...

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Join Me At #OC14

Gather With New Friends—or Spend QT With Old Friends—at OC14

Whether one of your goals at OC14 is to make friends, or go deeper with your team, we want to help provide opportunities for you to do just that. Below you’ll find some great options...

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Been Too Busy To Blog

Busy is one of the words that the meaning just keeps changing. Busy |ˈbizē|adjective (busier, busiest) having a great deal to do: So many times over the years I just thought I was busy and the next thing I knew I was really busy. I learned several years...

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The Role Of The Children’s Pastor

Here's a teaching that explains what the Bible says we should be doing as Ministers and Children's Pastors! Enjoy

[audio mp3="http://jimwideman.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/intro-jwm.mp3"][/audio] 

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God’s Plans For You Are Better Than Your’s

I was not called into Children's Ministry, I was drafted. I was helping with the Youth at my church one Sunday (Because that's what X-hippies did when they got saved in the 70's) when my Pastor came to me and told me to grab...

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Technology has come a long way!

When I first started in ministry my church didn't own a copier (they hadn't been invented yet), instead we had a mimeograph machine and an offset press. I didn't have a P.A. system in children's church, I just used a record player with a...

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Merry Christmas Y’all!

It's hard to believe Christmas is almost here! This has been an amazing year, it's had it's challenges and unexpected moments but more than ever I can say God is good and He is faithful!  I'm exceptionally thankful for the Lord's blessings in my...

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I'll never forget the night i walked the aisle during a Youth Revival at Westwood Baptist Church in Adamsville, Alabama and surrendered my life to the ministry. Jesus had gotten my attention earlier that year when someone got me thinking by telling me...

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